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Absolutely all Europe makes Sobranie cigarettes, and as of today they are very widespread and popular in Russia, together with в Ukraine, however, it is necessary to notice, that cost of the given tobacco products not from cheap as there are much more cheaper marks of cigarettes.Owing to the excellent filter, Sobranie cigarettes are smoked very easily and smoothly.

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The given mark of cigarettes is intended for a fashion in evening styles, most of all certainly, and they consider Sobranie cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian which sell usually to women as women use a smoke of cigarettes for attraction of men, that it does by their more sexual. Group Gallaher has started to make tobacco products under mark Sobranie. This company is considered the most important company in Britain on tissue products.



It is necessary to notice, that Gallaher sells the product only within the limits of the Great Britain and the Europe and a small part of production - in Central Asia, Africa and the Near East. Sobranie cigarettes show the special refined project, and it: the tobacco package and its chart is represented with unique bright color, thin picture and clear calligraphy for the trade mark. These refined and protruding packages became popular as packages of the set dresser. Cigarettes are considered known because of the harmony, color and length.

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