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Marlboro Cigarettes is a trade name of cheap cigarettes produced by Philip Morris company. Advertised with the help of billboards, Marlboro is a top of a bill discount cigarettes on our planet. In the beginning of 19th century manufacturing of Marlboro cigarettes was partly relocated in New York affiliated branch from London’s main factory.

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All the prices are marked down and the highest quality of genuine Philip Morris tobacco is guaranteed. The beginning of the Second World War marked the time when into the foreground were brought such brands discount cigarettes as Chesterfield, Camel an Lucky Strike. The market of inexpensive Marlboro cigarettes got out of the headlines and till the last years of 50s, when several articles about the risk of cancer which above-mentioned brands caused were published, Philip Morris Company began to merchandize a newly designed Marlboro cigarettes equipped with filter. Filtered cigarettes worked up a market rapidly. A little bit later filtered Marlboro cigarettes flooded the market of discount cigarettes.


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