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RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company is a manufacturer of a well-known cigarette brand Camel. According to marketing researches and notes on the other side of the pack, these cigarettes have a delicious aroma and possess a great smoothness. There are different classes of Camel: Turkish Gold, Turkish Royal, Camel Menthol, Camel Lights (Blue), Unfiltered, Filtered and these are only the most popular among a great variety of Camel.

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Camel advertising on TV can be often seen several years ago. Famous people such as athletes, actors and other performers described Camel as the most appropriate brand of cigarette for its good and mild taste. Even one of such commercial showed that most of doctors supported Camel cigarettes, because of its minimal damage to the human’s organism.



In 2008 the design of Camel pack as well as the combine was changed in a good way. Firstly the savor was much harsher but now we have a milder one. The taste is better. We supply Camel cigarettes from Europe with a total correspondence to European quality and specification. A carton of inexpensive cheap camel cigarettes has 10 packs with 200 cigarettes. The prices are given for one carton. Remember, we propose Camel cigarettes only of the highest quality with a great taste. If you buy Camel here online you will get a great quality for an acceptable price.


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